Effective as of September 1, 2021

Vehicle Loans

(Autos, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATVs, Campers, RVs, Boats, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles, etc.)

Model YearTermAPR
2017 or newer84 months2.99%
2011-201660 months4.25%
2010 or older60 months4.75%

Consumer Loans

Loan TypeTermAPR
Personal Loan60 months9.50%
Personal Line of CreditRevolving11.00%
Financial Statement Loan48 months8.25%
Overdraft Loann/a18.00%
Christmas Loan10 months4.25%

Credit Cards

Card TypeAPR
Visa Credit Card9.99%

Share Secured Loans

Loan TypeTermAPR
Share Secured Loan60 months2.10%*
Share Certificate LoanBased on CD Maturity2.00% over the Certificate rate
Share Secured Line of CreditRevolving2.10%*
*Share Secured Loans are variable rate, 2.00% above share earning rate

Real Estate Loans

Loan TypeTermAPR
Home Equity Loann/a5.00% Variable
1st Mortgage Home/Land7 Years w/ Balloon4.50%
1st Mortgage Home/Land10 Years5.00%
1st Mortgage Home/Land15 Years6.00%
Home Equity Loan rate is adjusted every March and September

Mobile Home Loans

Loan TypeTermAPR
Mobile Home Only10 Years5.50%
Mobile Home with Lot10 Years5.50%
Mobile Home Onlyup to 10 Years5.50% Variable
Mobile Home with Lotup to 10 Years5.50% Variable
Variable-Rate mobile home loans are adjusted quarterly

Business/Agricultural Loans

Loan TypeTermAPR
Operating Loan12 months4.75% Variable
Chattel Fixed-Rate Loan60 months4.75%
Chattel Variable-Rate Loan60 months5.25% Variable
Financial Statement Tier 1 (up to 25%)60 months5.75% Variable
Financial Statement Tier 2 (over 25%)60 months7.25% Variable
Operating Loan, Financial Statement and Chattel Variable Loan are variable rate loans, based on Prime and adjusted quarterly

APR = Annual Percentage Rate, is simple interest without compounding. For example, $10,000 @ 6.00 APR for 2 years will produce $600 of interest per year (or $300 semiannually, or $150 quarterly, or $50 monthly).