April is National Credit Union Youth Month, the time each year where credit unions emphasize teaching and encouraging kids to develop strong financial habits. This year’s theme is “Save Away for a Rainy Day.”  We have a few great activities planned during the month to help encourage, and reward, young savers.

If your loved little ones don’t already have an account with DSFCU, now is the time to open one! Open a Youth Savings* with as little as $25 minimum opening deposit. For those up to 12 months old, DSFCU will cover the initial $25 minimum balance requirement! When your teen is ready to start managing money and making purchases, open a free DSFCU Student Checking for them. 

New Account Cash Drawing

Open a new Youth membership account at DSFCU during the month of April and the youth will be entered into a cash drawing to win $50 cash! Each branch location will select a winner.

Earn Credit Union Rewards Bucks and possibly $100!

Each deposit of $25 or greater made into your Youth account during the month of April will earn you Credit Union Rewards Bucks. You can redeem your Rewards Bucks for a selection of prizes including magic kits, coin purses and stress balls. Or, turn in your bucks and exchange them for entries into a $100 cash drawing at the end of the month. Each branch will select a winner.

Youth Month Coloring Contest

During the month of April, we will be holding a coloring contest. When you turn in a coloring page during April, you’ll earn a Reward Buck that you can redeem for prizes. At the end of the month, two winners will be chosen from the submitted entries; one in the age group of 6 years or younger, and one from the age group of 7-14 years old. The selected winners will receive a $25 cash deposit to their DSFCU account!

You can choose from multiple coloring sheets for your entry. Download the pages below and return to a DSFCU branch before April 30.

Other Activities

Help your young saver reach their goals by downloading the Savings Tracker Sheet. Help them set a savings goal, with milestones and fill them out on the sheet. Then, they can color in their progress as they begin to reach their goal.

Download the Word Search and Crossword Puzzle below for a little financial fun.

*For youth under 17. Youth savings will change to a Primary savings at age 19.  Student Checking will change to a Checking at age 24 with a $3.00 monthly service charge.